WASHINGTON (CBS) – Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will sit down with a longtime political foe this week.

The Associated Press reports that Romney will interview former Vice President Joe Biden Friday at an invitation-only retreat in Park City, Utah.

Mitt Romney and Joe Biden (Photos by George Frey and Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A spokeswoman for Biden told the AP he is attending “because he believes in bipartisanship and the importance of keeping good lines of communication open across the aisle.”

Both Biden and Romney spoke out against then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Romney, a former Republican presidential nominee, called Trump “a phony, a fraud,” but was considered a potential Secretary of State nominee after Trump’s win.

Biden launched his own political action committee last week, fueling speculation that he may make another run for the White House in 2020.

Other notable politicians who will be attending Romney’s summit include House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, according to the AP.

  1. The only thing Mitt Romney can show Biden the “buffoon” is how to lose an election after completely “blowing” it in 2012 because he wouldn’t take the gloves off against a feckless, weak Obama. I used to have a lot of respect for Mitt when he was governor of Massachusetts but not any more. In March of 2016 he sold out and launched a childish, petulant attack on Donald Trump out of jealousy, avarice and pettiness. He’s no longer his own man but a tool of the RINOs and the Globalists who WILL NOT abide President Trump’s turning over the money cart. “Middle class” , “skinny dipping”, “foot in mouth” “plagiarizing” Joe Biden is nothing but a fraud and a clown just like his pal Barack Obama. I’m disgusted with Mitt and all the other slated attendees and usual “suspects” such as Paul (RINO) Ryan; John (the senile) McCain and Lindsey (Amnesty) Graham. You’re all trying to prevent our President from advancing Americas best interests. We elected Donald J Trump to lead our country! NOT YOU JERKS! You’re all Un-American!