BROCKTON (CBS) – Several people suffered minor injuries when a school bus and SUV crashed Tuesday afternoon in Brockton.

Five people were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries following the crash on Pleasant Street.

Six people were injured when a school vehicle and SUV collided in Brockton. (Image Credit: Marc Vasconcellos/Brockton Enterprise)

The front end of the bus was damaged, while a black SUV was heavily damaged on the driver’s side.

Brockton Public Schools said in a statement that two elementary school students from Arnone School were in the bus.

They were checked out at the scene and cleared to go home with their parents.

The driver of an SUV was injured following a crash with a school vehicle.
(Image Credit: Marc Vasconcellos/Brockton Enterprise)

The bus driver and four teenagers inside the SUV were hospitalized, mostly with cuts and bruises.

One of the passengers in the SUV was apparently ejected from the vehicle and landed on resident Kim McGrath’s lawn.

“My neighbor brought over a blanket to the girl, because she said she flew out of the car,” said McGrath.

No further information is currently available.

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