PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (CBS) — An iconic sight along I-95 in Rhode Island has been vandalized.

bug11 Providence, RIs Big Blue Bug Vandalized


Police say someone climbed on top of the Big Blue Bug statue early Monday morning and tagged it with graffiti.

The giant termite–known as “Nibbles Woodaway”–advertises pest control and has been perched along the highway for years.

bug21 Providence, RIs Big Blue Bug Vandalized


“It’s gotta be a bunch of punks, really, that are doing something like this,” said Tony DeJesus of Big Blue Bug Solutions. “The bug is a landmark in Rhode Island. People use it for drive-by directions and kids love it. To deface it like that is really just a shame.”

Comments (3)
  1. David Keith says:

    “An iconic sight along I-95 …”

    “… a landmark in Rhode Island …”

    Really??? Ugh!

  2. Better than a ball of string or milk bottle…iconic, quirky RI landmark. Coming in from CA to visit friends and family and am all ready to share our “big blue bug” with my granddaughters!

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