BOSTON (CBS) — LeBron James had no time for one reporter’s question after the Cavaliers lost Game 2 of the NBA Finals to the Warriors. Speaking to a media scrum in the Cavs locker room after the game, which the Warriors won 132-113 to put the Cavs in an 0-2 hole and virtual must-win situation, an unidentified reporter asked what could go down as the dumbest question of his career.

“LeBron, do you feel like this is a case where you have to defend home court at this point?”

LeBron responded with “Well, I mean, are you a smart guy?”, to which the reporter said “I think so.” Then LeBron came back with “If we don’t defend home court, what happens?” That would be a Warriors sweep.

Watch the full exchange below:

To be fair to LeBron, it was at best an incredibly poorly worded question. Obviously, the Cavs have to “defend home court” for at least one of the next two games or else the series will be over in a hurry, as LeBron so astutely pointed out.

The reporter may have been better served by asking a question more along the lines of, “What do the Cavs need to do better in order to defend home court?” Even that wouldn’t exactly be the best question ever, but the reporter could have avoided getting roasted like he did.

In a rare occurrence, LeBron did not answer questions at the podium after the game. He told reporters that he had his reasons for avoiding the podium, but it “has nothing to do with wins and losses.” ESPN’s Brian Windhorst later tweeted that LeBron was “frustrated having to wait” to go to the podium in recent days.

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  1. This one is all over except the crying from Cavaliers fans!

  2. LaBron is a very large trud.

    1. Why? It was a very stupid question. I wish more athletes would answer this way instead of the usual, “take it one game at a time…blah…blah…” BS.

  3. blenderrecipes says:

    Good for him, needs to happen more often, like when a house burns to the ground and the reporter asks the owner “how do you feel?”.

  4. Andy Howe says:

    For those that think this series is over, don’t forget that the long arm of the NBA management has not yet reached into this series like last year to suspend GS players and change the course of the games. Remember last year.

  5. Don’t get so upset LeBron….Journalism today is simply brain dead.

  6. Dan Lyons says:

    Amazing talent, No class!

  7. Do you agree with my latest article?

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