I can tweet, you can tweet.
Everybody tweet, tweet, tweet.
Tweet about the folks you meet,
Tweet about the well-done meat,
Tweet about the smell of feet,
Tweet about your buddy Pete.
Tweet about a special treat,
The soft condition of fresh concrete,
The smell of grass, the taste of wheat,
The stuff you drink, the food you eat,
Breathe and live and rise and tweet!
Common folk all love to tweet,
Celebrities all love to tweet,
The president sure loves to tweet,
Everybody tweet, tweet, tweet.
You can do it in the rain or sleet,
You can do it bitter or do it sweet,
You can do it fair or do it cheat,
You can tweet from the gutter or from an expensive suite.
You can tweet in the cold, tweet in the heat,
Tweet it messy or tweet it neat.
Tweet about a rowboat or an entire fleet.
So follow the president and dance to the beat,
Get out your thumbs and rise from your seat
And everybody tweet, tweet, tweet.


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