By Bill Shields

ACUSHNET (CBS) –  A man previously charged with murder and arson in 1993 is in handcuffs once again. This time he’s accused of beating his 88-year-old father.

This is after David Taber allegedly crashed into an Acushnet Police cruiser.

The man who is recommending that Taber be sent to prison for the present incident is Tom Quinn.

Quinn is now the Bristol County District Attorney. In 1995, he was the prosecutor who sent Taber to prison.

In 1993, Taber burned down his fathers home, then stormed into the Albert Ford Middle School armed with a shotgun. Taber murdered the school nurse, Carole Day, before principal John Tavares wrestled the gun away.

Taber was found not guilty of the murder charge by reason of insanity, but he was convicted of arson and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

He was released two years ago and Quinn believes releasing Taber was a serious mistake.

“The notion that David Taber would never be dangerous and that he should be walking around with no supervision is crazy, no pun intended,” Quinn said.

Taber allegedly beat his 88-year-old father and slammed him to the ground on Wednesday.

Local police aren’t surprised. In the two years since Taber’s release, Acushnet Police Chief Mike Alves says his officers have been keeping tabs on the suspect.

“He’s been in the area and we were well aware of him and have frequently seen him,” Alves said.

However, Carole Day’s son doesn’t think Taber should have ever been released.

“I hope he never walks out of there again. I hope he stays where he belongs. They should never have let him out to begin with,” the son said.

Taber has been arrested for allegedly beating his father and is being held without bail.

Bill Shields

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  1. I called the DA’s office a year or two ago when I heard that he was released. I was told that he was deemed no longer mentally ill or no longer appropriate for his psych placement. His meds were working. I asked who was going to supervise him taking his meds on his release. The answer that I got was “his parents”. My response “that really worked out well the last time”!!!!!!! Of course I was being sarcastic. I remember screaming at the woman that I was talking to I was so enraged. Guess my PTSD still can be triggered. I also remember hearing that the school staff at the time of the shooting was notified. I was not a member of that staff, but I was there. I was there along with another staff member from Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School in the cafeteria testing 38 eighth graders. As I recall the event he was ready to enter the cafeteria but the nurse interrupted and asked what he was doing and he shot and killed her as she tried to run into the main office. If it were not for Carol Day and John Tavares I may have suffered more than just PTSD.
    It is really a sad state of affairs when I know releasing this guy was a bad idea but those who have the responsibility of making that decision have no damn clue!

  2. One more thing. When I called a year or two ago I questioned the woman at the DA’s office about notifying those who were there the day that Carol Day was killed. No one notified me that he was released, although I was not a Ford Middle School staff member I was most certainly there. I think that I heard from a friend that David Taber was released. I am not sure exactly how the conversation with the woman at the DA’s office went regarding notification. But I heard of Taber’s latest run in with the law from my husband’s cousin in RI who saw it on Chanel 12.

  3. My mother and I have worked very hard with local legislators to draft a Bill regarding the NGBI verdict. My sister in law murdered my brother and was found NGBI. Our fear is that she will ultimately be released and cause additional harm. We are trying to change the CORI so that NGBI would show up on the CORI check

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