QUINCY (CBS) — Police used surveillance video to catch a man they say nabbed a painting of Red Sox slugger David Ortiz from a local library.

Dana Bognar, 37, was charged with larceny from a building and conspiracy to commit larceny–and Quincy Police have a warrant out for James Perkins, 48 of Quincy, the man they say paid Bognar to steal the painting.

The painting, by local artist Edwina Caci, is valued at around $1,000. It was part of an ongoing art exhibit at the Thomas Crane Public Library, and had been stolen some time after May 7.

The painting was reported stolen on Saturday. On Tuesday, a security officer at the library told Quincy Police he found surveillance video of the painting being stolen–and said he thought the person who stole it had just walked into the building.

Officers were able to stop that man, who they identified as Bognar. Quincy Police say he told them he took the painting on May 17 and gave it to Perkins, who he said paid him $20 to steal it.

They issued a warrant for Perkins for conspiracy to commit larceny and receiving stolen property.

The painting has since been recovered, and police said they think the person who had it didn’t know it was stolen.