BOSTON (CBS) – Plans for an island wedding nearly ran aground for a local bride. That’s when her mom got in touch with the I-Team’s Call 4 Action.

“My daughter’s wedding is a destination wedding and we are cruising to Bermuda,” said Denise Daley.

Daley thought the plans were all set for the big event on board the Norwegian Dawn sailing out of Boston this summer.

But two weeks after making her final payment, she got a voicemail from Norwegian letting her know the entire group reservation was in jeopardy.

A transcription of the voicemail Denise Daley received from a cruise line over her daughter’s wedding. (WBZ-TV)

One of the wedding guests had canceled their trip so Daley was no longer entitled to a $1,400 group discount.

The voicemail was left at 3:16 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and Daley only had until 4 p.m. that same day to pay up.

“It just felt unbelievable, like extortion,” she recalled.

With her daughter’s wedding plans hanging in the balance, Daley felt she had little choice, “So, I just paid the money.”

Then she contacted the I-Team’s Call 4 Action. A few days later “they called me back and said they would in fact honor the cruise credit. My credit card was credited $1,400.”

Plans Denise Daley made for her daughter’s wedding were nearly in jeopardy after a last minute charge. (WBZ-TV)

In a statement Norwegian Cruise Line said “….it has become evident that she was not provided with a thorough explanation of Norwegian’s Group Cruise Discount Program… as a gesture of our sincere apology for this miscommunication and guest service shortcoming we will be waiving her outstanding cruise fare balance.”

“You’re aware of how expensive weddings are, so another $1,400, $1,500 expense is the last thing you need. And WBZ was just fabulous with helping me,” Daley said.

Daley added that she understands why she was no longer entitled to a discount, but she was upset that she was only given 45 minutes to pay that extra money. In fact, at one point, she thought the phone call might actually be a scam.

If you have a consumer issue that you need help with, reach out to the I-Team’s Call For Action at 617-787-7070, or email us at WBZCALLFORACTION@CBS.COM

Paula Ebben


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