LAWRENCE (CBS) — A black bear on the loose in a Lawrence neighborhood was safely tranquilized on Monday afternoon.

Officials were notified about the 110-120 pound bear, on Hobston Street just before noon.

A black bear in Lawrence is covered in ice as it is relocated to a wooded area. (Photo Credit: MA EEA)

They captured the animal hiding between two boats in a wooded lot about two hours later.

The bear was relocated in the back of a pickup truck as people watched. Ice was used to control the bear’s body temperature, according to officials.

Officials were able to capture a black bear on Monday afternoon in Lawrence. (Photo Credit: MA EEA)

Environmental police and MassWildlife staff said the animal was brought to a wooded area away from residents.

They believe the bear is only one or two-years-old.

No injuries were reported.



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