MARSHFIELD (CBS) – Flames destroyed a large boat in a Marshfield marina Thursday night, though no one was injured in the fire.

The fire started around 9:30 p.m. at the Green Harbor Marina.

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A 48-foot boat goes up in flames in a Marshfield marina. (Image Credit: Marshfield Fire Department)

Evan Vigneau was at a nearby restaurant when he saw the flames.

“Everyone was freaking out that they saw a lot of fire from the boats over here,” he said.

Firefighters were able to use water and foam to keep the flames from spreading to other boats. However, the 48-foot boat partially sunk.

Booms stop the spread of debris at the site of a Marshfield boat fire. (Image Credit: Marshfield Fire Department)

The Marshfield Fire Department confirmed that the boat belongs to a Canton resident who had been on board earlier in the day, but left it around 6 p.m.

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He is unsure how the boat caught fire.

The owners told WBZ-TV they were too upset to talk about what happened, other than adding they are “very relieved no one was hurt.”

“It was crazy. It was nerve-wracking,” said Vigneau. “You want to make sure everything is all right and everyone is OK. It could have been bad. Thank god for the guys in blue and the Marshfield Fire Department.”

There was 600 gallons of fuel in the boat, named the Dee Lite, when it went up in flames.

Firefighters were concerned because the flames broke out not far from a fueling station.

“It was a big worry that we had going. We had to hose down a couple other vessels to stop it from spreading to them. But we did manage to do that,” said Fire Chief William Hocking.

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