By Katie Brace

BROCKTON (CBS) – A dispute over a sandwich at a Brockton Dunkin’ Donuts led to an argument and the shots.

A carload of teenagers Thursday drove up to the window in the drive-thru and argued about their order with a worker.

A manager was called, but tempers flared and the driver leaned out of the car and punched the manager in the face.

Then the driver took out a BB gun and shot two holes in the drive-thru glass.

No one was hurt by the shots, but some of the other customers were surprised.

“I thought it was gunshots,” a customer said. “And over a sandwich?”

Another customer said, “For it to happen in the first place, it’s just crazy.”

The manager who was punched in the face is resting at home.

The incident is under investigation.

Katie Brace

Comments (84)
  1. Those were not “teens” ,they were feral niglets again

    1. deguello13 says:

      “Teens” in respect to assorted mayhem is a media euphemism for — “ROBNYS” (ROving Bands of Negro YouthS).

    2. Hao De says:

      roving minority, “flash mobs” are common in many large cities. and will increase as “progressive’ mayors and worthless “parents” encourage/excuse them.

    3. Daddy, can you tell me the story about how we are all equal again? That was a funny one

  2. Jon Galt says:

    The Bell Curve in action.

    1. Got THAT right! And MLK is spinning in his grave.

  3. Roger Bacon says:

    Surveillance camera footage available but not shown in hte report. I guess we know the shooter’s race then.

  4. Jon Galt says:

    Heading home from the Maxine Waters rally?

    1. More like a James Brown Wig Convention.

  5. Would it be a lucky guess or an educated guess that these teens were melanin endowed.

  6. Mike Arvand says:

    No details mentioned. none needed. Teens indeed. Obama’s kids at it again.

  7. Frank Muller says:

    Teens means dindu nuffins

  8. Ra Williams says:

    My Wife used to run a DD and was held up at gun point. Probably not a good job to be in? It was two blacks who were on a rampage and got gunned down by the cops. Why I live in the South!.

  9. Robert Davis says:

    YEARS of JAIL TIME is what will deter this subhuman behavior in others.

    Judges in Massachusetts are so politically twisted, they don’t have the GUTS to properly sanction anyone. Just watch and see.

    1. Frank Muller says:

      Only if that jail is located in Africa. Move our prisons to Africa and this violence will stop over night.

      1. The TRUE Africans would just sell them as slaves to another tribe who would declare war when they discovered how worthless they are.

  10. Frank Muller says:

    dindu violence is an epidemic have a look at Colin Flaherty’s youtube channel.

    1. Pick up his books too, but prepare to be angered at the ignorance and denial by the government and news media about the epidemic of black mob violence.

  11. Teens- the codeword for African-Americans.

  12. John Oakman says:

    “Car load of teens” = street apes.

  13. No description? No survellience video? Is there a drive through in the entire civilized world without a video camera? 🙄

  14. Do you think they were black? nope, you know they were and guess what you’re racist for thinking it. And when the next black mob attack happens and your 10 year old kid gets a concussion from getting kicked in the head but a dozen “youths” (the new ‘N’ word) you’re a racist if you notice all the animals are black. just like all the killings in Chicago by blacks. You’re a racist for noticing and suggesting they stop. Racist. White people are evil. (secretly happy to be white, even proud) Whaaaaat? oh mah gawd a waaat suppremisisisisist.

  15. The ethnicity associated with stories like this is seldom a surprise…blacks.

  16. Bobby Love says:

    I bet they were mere childs like those the cops have to deal with that rob.

    1. Bobby Love says:

      Notice the left wing media says BB lol — ha ha really powerful BB

  17. Ted Huss says:

    Feral Youth, created by the joint efforts of the Government Controlled Poverty Industry.

  18. Must have been those blond blued eyes mobs again.

  19. redknight says:

    It must have been a ‘colorful’ event!

  20. I know actual Africans , from Kenya, Knowing a black person who does not have a racial chip on their shoulder is a delight, wonderful people. The all tell me the Black Americans that visit their country are for the most part the biggest “A” holes of all.

    1. You are correct. Way back in the 70’s, my friend told me that European blacks hated American blacks. She grew up in London and her father was an ambassador. American blacks were considered a disgrace. And it IS refreshing to have black friends without chips on their shoulders.

  21. Drop them into an active volcano. I’d buy tickets to that.

  22. The Ungowa tribe of the We-Be people.

  23. PSSSTTT! Hey, noglets, I hear Harvard be raciss-an-sheet! Y’all oughtta go spark it up there! Lotsa self-loathing White guilt wimminz dere, too. So, spark it up and nut out. Enjoy the weekend.

  24. Dunkin Donuts have gotten pretty bad since they stopped making them on site, but I didn’t think they were that bad.

  25. Tony Konte says:

    Amish youth on Rumspringa

  26. Shoot back with something bigger. .45acp would be a good choice.

  27. Lemme guess..There wasn’t enough special sauce on the pavement-ape’s fish sandwich..Right?

  28. Heading home from the Maxine Waters rally?

  29. Mike DeYoung says:

    “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” by Colin Flaherty is something we should all read. When the race is not mentioned you KNOW it was black people doing the crime. But let’s not arrest them but make excuses for them! After all they are so repressed because of the fault of white people all the time holding them down. Put them in jail?? The leftists say NO there are too many blacks in prison now so we must do everything to keep these animals on the street!!

  30. White Girl Bleed Alot authored by Colin Flaherty. It’ll make you sick and angry at how this behavior is tolerated and covered-up by local officials and PC snowflakes in the media.

  31. Dan Granger says:

    “carload of teenagers”…”the driver”. Video of the incident available but not shown.

    Another classic example of the PC media propagandists attempting to condition their readers to ignore the obvious.

    Political Correctness is killing us. All cultures are not the same.

    “The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

    But it isn’t like we didn’t know:

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” -Richard Salant, former president of CBS News

    “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage, by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” – Richard Cohen, Senior Producer, CBS Political News

  32. Bob Ho says:

    that wonderful liberal democrat culture of hate and murder

  33. And of course this happened in the wonderful Marxist state of Assachusetts, Democrat Utopia, where criminals are hugged and apologized to. Wonder what medal they’ll be awarded, and what sentence the manager will have to serve?

  34. Jack Davis says:

    I didn’t know Brockton had an Amish population.

  35. No, they were not ‘teens’. They were feral knee grows acting like their arfican jungle cousins.

    (all restaurants need to keep a dozen bananas on hand to throw at these urban chimps for when they decide to go wild, and they all eventually will.)

    1. Actually, the tribes in Africa had very strict rules with the ultimate punishment of being banished from the tribe. You could lose a hand if you stole, for example!

  36. Tobias Keith says:

    Brockton? Teens? Sons of Obamama. Do they ever wonder why we hate them? Around the blacks, never relax.

  37. BLM heroes. Part of the left wing constituency along with trans, illegals and other riff raff.

  38. I wish the media would stop giving teenagers a bad name in stories like this, it paints All American teenagers with the black brush. 98% of all of these incidents are done by blacks, don’t lump normal teenagers in with them!

  39. Tom Ronson says:

    It’s become so bad these days, that they don’t need to describe the race of the thugs. You automatically know that it was a carload of black thugs, just out having a little fun. If they wanted to have lots of fun, they would have shot the manager with a 9mm handgun and laughed about it.

  40. Jim West says:

    I can’t believe that they “demonize” teens!!! It’s just not right to castigate an entire age group! (sarcasm)

  41. When race isn’t mentioned, you know that the thugs were minorities, probably BLACK … !!!!

  42. Tony Smith says:

    Another case of media bias–concealing the race/sex/identity of the purps in order to please the P.C. police.

  43. Jack Riley says:

    “teens” and “youths” are the media code words used when ferals do their thing

  44. Fred Stevens says:

    Why are we always forced to axe about the race of the perpetrators?

  45. Scott Leach says:

    TYpical, Leave out the race of the suspects. Why, because they were NOT white.

  46. mjazzguitar says:

    In Mass the judge didn’t want the African deported who robbed a bank twice.
    He went on to cut the throats of two doctors.

  47. Yeah, teens…we all know what that means now…They need to think of a new moniker…If you haven’t done it yet; google; black teens the google white teens…It’s hilarious.

  48. Pete Orsi says:

    Ben Rhodes’ brother is president of CBS news, that’s why you don’t get the truth.

  49. Mark Mach says:

    Why don’t they stop waiting on those that cause the most crime? There is a reason there are no surveillance photos

  50. Rod Reed says:

    More black kids learning their life long trade !

  51. I suppose the thugs weren’t named Brian, Biff or Gary…More like DeLondre, Marcus or Keshon.

  52. John Crane says:

    Brockton…getting more ghetto by the day. Thank the damn Amish demographic…..

  53. Barry Hirsh says:

    SCHWARTZES!!! It’s SCHWARTZES, I tell you!!!

  54. I’m sure these were all honors students who were just admitted to Harvard and were out on a break as a study group

  55. Hilde Bea says:

    You can be assured they were OBAMMYS people.

  56. Bob A. Booey says:

    Damn, was it those Amish kids again?

  57. Grizz Mann says:

    You don’t want to give a BLT to a Muslim. Something you could loose your head over.

  58. Eddy Tillman says:

    Hmmm… looks like a 9mm to me. Had to be a BB gun since firearms are illegal without a permit in Mass!

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