BOSTON (CBS) – Two people were seriously injured Saturday afternoon in Boston after a double shooting in broad daylight.

The two victims were men and they were rushed to Boston Medical Center in serious condition.

Carolyn Jackman-Walrond was inside her house baking a Mother’s Day cake when the shooting happened. She says it was frightening.

Carolyn Jackman-Walrond, the woman baking the cake at the time of the Roxbury shooting. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

“Bang, bang, bang, just like that, yes,” she said while smiling. Then she got serious and said, “It is scary seeing this happening on this street.”

Her son Erik Jackman says his mother is normally outside gardening. Today, he was glad his mother was inside.

“It’s just one of these things that happened and it happened to be on our street. It never does happen, but I don’t find the need to change our habits,” Jackman said. “I’m just glad we weren’t out in our yard.”

Van near where the Roxbury shooting took place. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

Witnesses say they heard four or five shots near the van.

“I heard about five shots go off. I heard tires screech and then I saw a car go around the corner,” one of the witnesses said.

Police say they have not been able to determine a motive.