AVON (CBS) – Police say a man suspected of vandalism at the Avon Police Department and nearby churches had been denied a gun permit early Friday morning.

Brian Raynard, 33, came into the police station looking for a license to carry around 4 a.m., but was not granted one.

A short time later, officers discovered St. Michael’s and the Avon Baptist Church had six or seven stained glass windows smashed. The windows are described as old and “irreplaceable.”

In addition, the rear tires on two police cruisers were slashed as were tires on the private vehicles of three officers.

Video showing Raynard approaching the car to allegedly slash the tires. (Photo credit: Avon Police)

Raynard allegedly knew the three private vehicles belonged to police officers.

One fire department vehicle also had its tires slashed, as did a Health Department car and a Highway Department vehicle.

Police do not know if Raynard damaged the property before or after he was denied his gun permit.

Police say a man who was denied a gun permit vandalized churches and the police station in Avon. (Image Credit: Bill Shields/WBZ)

Avon Police say they have had issues with Raynard in the past.

Detectives said Raynard smiled throughout his interviews with police, who did not comment on his motive.

Raynard is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Stoughton District Court.

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