By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

FITCHBURG (CBS) – Fitchburg Police arrested 53-year-old Michael Bryce of Leominster Wednesday after what they’re calling a “road rage incident” on Main street.

Bryce is charged with operating to endanger, malicious destruction of property and assault with a dangerous weapon.

“It’s our general policy that we have a zero tolerance for inappropriate and or aggressive driving behavior on our city streets,” said Captain Harry Hess.

Police say they were able to track Bryce down because of the victim’s cell phone video.

“He was on my right side, he was on my left side. He was middle finger gesturing all the way down the street trying to get right up on my butt,” said Kyle Dooling.

Dooling says he was pulling out of a parking spot on Main Street when Bryce came up right behind him hitting his bumper.

“At some point I finally let him by me to get his plate and record him and then he pulled over and I go good chance I’m going to get his plate now and I didn’t think he was going to rush my car,” said Dooling.

The cell phone video shows Bryce banging on the car window, swearing and spitting before getting back in his truck driving up behind Dooling.

Dooling says he’s upset because his four-year-old daughter was in the back seat.

“Ya she’s calling him the bad guy. Ya the bad man,” said Dooling.

Bryce made bail Wednesday night. He wouldn’t answer questions, but yelled that he’s innocent before driving off.

Comments (4)
  1. That dude provoked mike while his kid was in the car – He backed up to mike’s truck instigating more trouble and putting his daughter in potential danger – Dooling is probably profiting from the video – Mike Brice is not the kind of person he is being portrayed as

  2. I am surprised that bail was set so low for this road rage incident, especially where there was evidence to support the claims. I believe that there should be a minimum bail set for these cases and that that bail should be a cash bail and for a substantial sum.