BOSTON (CBS) – The names of the two people brutally murdered Friday in South Boston have been released.

The victims are identified as 49-year-old Dr. Richard Field and 38-year-old Dr. Lina Bolanos.

Dr. Field served in a pain management practice in Beverly and Dr. Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist at the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary. The two doctors were engaged to be married.

Their bodies were found in a luxury penthouse in South Boston with their hands tied and their throats cut.

The Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary said in a statement that the couple’s deaths are a tragedy.

“The entire Mass. Eye and Ear community is deeply saddened by the deaths of Dr. Lina Bolanos and her fiancé. Dr. Bolanos was an outstanding pediatric anesthesiologist and a wonderful colleague in the prime of both her career and life. We will do all we can to support their families and our staff members who are processing this senseless tragedy and grieving an enormous loss,” the statement said.

Building residents are also trying to process what happened.

“They just seemed like decent folks. It’s not what you’d expect,” resident Jack Fu said.

Resident Marisa Richards says she was surprised because of the building’s security.

“It’s a very safe area. It’s a very secure building. The security is really safe. It’s very hard to get into the building, so I was shocked,” Richards said.

Officers responded to the penthouse on Dorchester Ave. around 8:45 p.m. Friday.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says when officers responded to the call, they saw the suspect in the apartment.

“They opened up the door and shots were fired at them,” Evans said. “I mean, you have a guy here who just killed two people and he had nothing to lose.”

Police arrested 30-year-old Bampumim Teixeira of Chelsea, who was wounded at the scene and taken to Tufts Medical Center. He is expected to survive.

Teixeira had a criminal record which consisted mostly of thefts according to a statement by the Suffolk County DA.

A motive for the alleged gruesome murders is not known, but Evans believes the couple must have known the suspect.

“If someone would come here and go up to the 11th floor of a penthouse, we gotta believe there was some type of knowledge of each other,” Evans said.

One reason police believe the suspect must have known the victims is the building’s security. A special access key is needed to get into the door and to use the elevator.

Evans said the officers were uninjured, but shaken up after what he described as “a gun battle.”

Residents were trying to go about their daily routines Saturday and express relief that the suspect is in custody.

“I’m glad they caught the person and they know who the suspect is,”

Police are still on the scene and the investigation is continuing.

Teixeira is under close observation at Tufts Medical Center and he faces multiple charges including two counts of murder.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh sent his trauma team to the building to speak with residents who are experiencing stress over the incident.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karyn Regal reports

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  1. .

    Extra key needed??? Impossible to get up there ???

    NOT SO.

    An illegal on the sidewalk grabs these two at gunpoint and forces them up into there condo. No extra keys needed.

    The cops are lying, stating repeated the ONLY way in is with a separate key, or they were let in…they HAD to know each other.

    This was a robbery by an illegal. Boston police and the district attorney need to stop covering it up.

    The illegal already has multiple BANK ROBBERIES to his name. The Docs were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, with no cash.

    If you live in that neighborhood you need to be very, very afraid.


  2. Jose Jimenez says:

    You haven’t Seen Anything Yet…..Wait till democrats also control the Electoral College.

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