BOSTON (CBS) – Senator Elizabeth Warren is celebrating a budget deal that will bring $100 million in new funding for the fight against opioid addiction.

It represents a significant political victory for Warren, a rebuttal to critics who slammed her for voting against a less-generous funding bill last year that she claimed was too stingy and gave too much control to the president.

And with a re-election fight facing her next year, it gives her a chance to tell voters here that however often they see her on national TV slamming the Trump administration, she is still looking out for home state interests.

Why does that matter?

From Michael Dukakis to John Kerry to Mitt Romney, Massachusetts voters have seen a string of political leaders put their national political interests over those of local residents in a state where federal funding is a crucial part of the economy.

Polls show we’re good and sick of it.

Now we see North Shore Congressman Seth Moulton, barely four months into his second term, is reportedly entertaining some Potomac fever of his own.

Bad move, congressman.

Local voters need, and have every right to expect, that our leaders are focusing on us and our needs, not their long term ambition.

Senator Warren seems to get that.

Other local pols will forget it at their political peril.


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