HOPKINTON (CBS) – It’s supposed to be a game enjoyed by some high school seniors, but a group of students in Hopkinton narrowly avoided going to jail over it.

The game is “Senior Assassins.” Students using water guns travel in pairs and try to shoot and eliminate their designated enemies.

On Sunday night, a trio of players thought they were entering the garage of an opponent, but it turns out a 70-year-old woman lived there. That woman, seeing a stranger in her garage, used a remote control to lock the teenager in and called 911.

“She was very frantic, explained that someone was inside of her garage,” Hopkinton Police Chief Edward Lee said.

‘Senior Assassins’ entered this Hopkinton home (WBZ-TV)

The teen escaped by pressing the remote control button in the woman’s car, and fled into a nearby car with two friends.

Hopkinton Police surrounded the car and conducted a “felony stop” with guns at their side because there was a chance the suspects might be armed. They were armed; with squirt guns.

The teen who fled was Michael Karlis’s assassin partner. “When I pulled up there was five police cruisers surrounding the car and police had their guns drawn, pointed at the ground and they were yelling at the kids saying they were going to be charged with felonies,” Karlis said.

The woman declined to press charges against the youths; otherwise, they could have faced charges of home invasion and breaking and entering.

Hopkinton High School officials sent home a letter to parents and students saying the game is by no means sanctioned by the high school or police. They urged parents to tell their children to stop playing the game before something “bad” happens.


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