BOSTON (CBS) — Adam Jones doesn’t care if you boo him. You can even tell him he sucks.

But he’s asking fans to keep their ignorant comments to themselves.

The Baltimore Orioles center fielder responded to the racial slurs he heard at Fenway Park, when someone yelled the “N word” at him during Baltimore’s 5-2 win on Monday night. He discussed the comments prior to Tuesday night’s game between the Red Sox and Orioles, handling the incident with class and dignity.

“We understand we’re the road team and the fans, they don’t need to welcome us. That’s all part of the competitive advantage for the fan base to say ‘you suck,’ or ‘Haha, you struck out’ — various things on your performance. That’s how sports work and fan bases work. I heard that all night, and then something that caught my attention,” he said. “I heard the ‘N word.’ I get certain reactions when someone says something clever or something really, really stupid and ignore. Last night it was not clever, it was something really stupid and ignorant.”

If that person is listening, he has a quick message for them: “Square up. Let’s fight and get it over with.”

Jones said this was not a Boston thing, but the unfortunate actions of an individual.

“I’m not going to say all Boston fans are like this. That would be very stupid for me to even mention something like that,” he said. “My career playing against the Red Sox has been amazing. They support their players, I know the four franchises in this area have been very good, especially in my life. They expect winning in the New England area and are very competitive as a fan base. Just things like this, they don’t have a place in the game. I thought we moved past that a long time ago.

“It’s unfortunate I had to be involved with it,” he added. “Boo the players, that’s well within your right. But never try to make it more than it is.

“I don’t need any special treatment. Treat me normal. Keep the racial stuff out of it,” he said. “I don’t want love and support. I just want the fans to be normal. Be respectful of where you’re at. There are little kids. When you hear this, there are kids around.”

Jones was also hit with a bag of peanuts at one point as he made his way to the Baltimore dugout and threw a ball to a fan. That fan was ejected from the game, according to the Red Sox.

Jones said that was not an isolated incident either, pointing back to Orioles left fielder Hyun Soo Kim getting a beer thrown at him during last year’s playoffs in Toronto.

Jones is asking other fans to hold people accountable if they spew such ignorant comments.

“Boo me. Tell me I suck. Just leave the racial stuff out of it,” said Jones.

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