DERRY (CBS) — A New Hampshire fourth-grader has been nationally recognized for his cursive writing skills.

Derric Palmer, from the Barka Elementary School in Derry, is one of five boys his age across the country to win the national Cursive Is Cool Contest, coordinated by the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.

Principal Dan Lefleur told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that Derric is well liked and respected at school.

“We see him as a leader in our school community, [who] makes the right choices all the time, works really hard in school and in the classroom — both in and out of the classroom. So we feel that he is very deserving of this award,” LaFleur said.

Derric’s 74-word entry not only displayed his handwriting skills but explained why he thought cursive was important to learn. He claimed that he can now read and write cursive letters and cards to friends and family.

The nine-year-old also said he was more than willing to share his talent.

“I think I will inspire [other students] by teaching them how to write in cursive if they don’t know how.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Tina Gao reports


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