BEDFORD (CBS) – A woman who allegedly threatened to “shoot a random person” on Facebook was located in Bedford Monday evening.

Police say a North Reading woman was pulled over on Route 62 in Bedford after an officer spotted her gray Jeep Cherokee. No gun was located when her car and clothing were searched by officers. Police say she was transported to Lahey Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Earlier in the day, police say a person alerted police in Merrimack, New Hampshire to a concerning social media post. The post allegedly referenced firearms and used the phrase “lone wolf.” Police believed that the writer may have intended to harm others.

Merrimack Police traced the writer’s cell phone and alerted police in Burlington, Massachusetts that it had pinged in their area. That caused Burlington schools to temporarily to go into lockout mode.

From there, the phone pinged in several different towns until the woman was finally located in Bedford.

Police say she may have been living out of her car. It was picked up by relatives living in the area.

The incident is under investigation. As of now, the woman does not face any charges.

Editor’s Note 11/30/18: This report has been edited to remove the name of the hospitalized woman, as no charges were ever filed.


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