LITTLETON (CBS) — There’s some great things happening in this kitchen, which is why you should make a visit to Great Road Kitchen.

Located about 45 minutes west of Boston in the town of Littleton, Great Road Kitchen has only been in business for about a year–but from the day they opened, this place has been packed with customers who are thrilled to have some big-city style so close to home.

phantom41 Phantom Gourmet: Great Road Kitchen In Littleton


“I hear this from guests all the time, ‘I feel like I’m in Boston, but here I am in Littleton,’ and that’s exactly what we’re looking for,” says owner Marcus Palmer.

phantom51 Phantom Gourmet: Great Road Kitchen In Littleton


Palmer has created a place with a beautifully stylish dining room boasting almost two hundred seats, a big bar that’s always busy, and an exciting open kitchen helmed by Chef Chris Frothingham, who turns out foods that range from fun and affordable to expensive indulgences, making this the kind of restaurant that’s great for any occasion.

phantom31 Phantom Gourmet: Great Road Kitchen In Littleton


“We’re hoping it’s your three night a week place, maybe four nights a week,” says Frothingham. “It is somewhere you can have a fancy dinner and bring out a date, but it’s also a place where we have a lot of business coming in after work, and a lot of local people coming in just to unwind and to have a good time.”

phantom21 Phantom Gourmet: Great Road Kitchen In Littleton


“We’ve always said that we treat every guest here as if it was our closest friends and family out for a special occasion, and we really meant it,” says Palmer. “If you go out that door and you tell me, ‘I had the best server here tonight. I had the friendliest people, everyone was so nice,’ I’m gonna be happy, because I know the food is great, but we want that hospitality piece on top of that as well.”

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