BOSTON (CBS) – From the travel ban to plans for Obamacare repeal and tax reform, the first 100 days of the Trump administration have raised multiple issues with major potential impact on Massachusetts.

A new survey that will be released on Monday took the pulse of voters statewide.

Novus Group poll results obtained by WBZ showed a sky high level of concern over the Trump administration’s proposed actions.

These results may impact Governor Charlie Baker’s bid for re-election.

Baker did his best in his January State of the State speech to distance himself from President Trump.

“Too much of what passes for political dialogue these days isn’t dialogue at all,” Baker said in the January speech.

From Medicaid reductions as part of health care reform to changes in the tax code, these might impact the state economy, which is very reliant on federal funding.

Asked how worried they are that federal budget cuts might disproportionately impact Massachusetts, 71 percent said they were very or somewhat concerned, while only 23 percent said they were not so concerned or not concerned at all.

While voters want to see our local political leaders fighting back, they are looking to Baker, the lone statewide republican leader. Baker has come under fire from some local democrats for supposedly not opposing Trump aggressively enough.

In the survey, 36 percent of voters said Baker is the person they look to the most to protect our federal subsidies.

Both senators, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, were looked to for help by 30 percent, with the all-democratic house delegation trailing well behind.

There are few states where Trump is less popular than here in Massachusetts. Local democrats have tried to hang that burden around Governor Baker’s neck, with little apparent success.

If Obamacare repeal and Trump budget cuts fulfill the worst local fears reflected in these poll numbers, watch for the Baker blame game to gain some traction.

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  1. I think what mystifies me the most is the fact that few realize that all of this money has to come from somewhere…And it seems disingenuous of both the public and the politicians to try to distance themselves from seeing that it eventually all comes out of the same pockets…those of the taxpayer.

    Massachusetts had a successful, accessible health care system until the Affordable Healthcare Act was imposed.

    What is wrong with returning to something that was successful…

    Oh, that’s right, sorry. No politician wants to claim any responsibility for what it is going to cost so, let’s just dump it back to the federal government so we can all point fingers and whinge.

    And, if your are expecting the Markey and Warren are going to have any influence on matters, dream again. They are in the realm of political irrelevancy these days…an appropriate place for to relatively lightweight political thinkers.

  2. The campaign on Monday said it will be spending $1.5 million to distribute a television and digital ad extolling Trump’s first 100 days in office

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