By Paul Burton

NEWTON (CBS) – Like any teenager, Jacob Trokel loves the newest and latest gadgets. Nowadays it’s something called the Fidget Spinner.

“I think most of the reason we like them is because it’s a way to take out your energy and stress,” said Jacob.

Jacob Trokel playing with a fidget spinner. (WBZ-TV)

Fidget Spinners are smaller than your palm with a circular pad in the middle. In order to activate the device, you hold it with your finger and thumb, flick it and watch it spin.

At Learning Express Toys, these gadgets are flying off the shelves and selling at $20 each.

“It’s huge we have an order of 400 coming in this afternoon,” said owner Richard Gibson.

Jacobs’s father is not a fan. “It’s a distraction,” Matthew Trokel said. “It’s over-used. Some kids need them some kids don’t.”

A Learning Express Toys’ employee setting up a new order of fidget spinners. (WBZ-TV)

The popularity of Fidget Spinners is growing so rapidly that some schools have banned them from their classrooms including two of Jacob’s classes.

A couple of teachers have banned it because they believe kids are going crazy with them, spinning them while hitting desks.

“It makes a lot of noise and it’s distracting,” Matthew Trokel added.

Manufacturers claim the gadgets are not just fun to play with but also help with ADHD and anxiety.

Students playing with new fad, the fidget spinner. (WBZ-TV)

John Dacey, a Chief Professor of Human Development at Boston College, said it’s a coping mechanism not a real help.

“It’s good in the short run because its helps to relieve some tension, but it doesn’t solve anything or the problem going on,” said Dacey.

Some kids believe this fad will not last long.

Paul Burton

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