DORCHESTER (CBS) — Three triple-decker houses and the rear of a fourth were damaged by flames early Sunday morning.

More than 80 firefighters responded to the flames on Marie Street across from Ronan Park in Dorchester around 4 a.m. Two were injured.

The flames spread to the triple-deckers on either side of the original building, which was believed to have been vacant.

In addition, the rear of another triple-decker on Fox Street, nearly 70 feet from the fire, was damaged.

Seventeen people were displaced by the fire, Bryant Garnett’s mother was one of them.

“It’s like a movie. You would never expect something like this to happen to you, it’s insane,” he said.

Garnett had been spending the weekend at his mother’s house. He was up late playing video games with his nephew.

“If I didn’t come, if my nephew didn’t come to visit, what would’ve happened to my mom, brother, and sister?” Garnett continued.


Later Sunday morning, hot spots in the roofs of two of the triple-deckers flared up again.

WBZ-TV has learned the vacant building has been undergoing renovations for years.

“It seems like every time they start working on it, it catches fire,” said neighbor Titus Royale.

According to neighbors, fire crews were called to the property last week for a trash fire.  There was also a fire there a little over a decade ago.

Boston FD’s Steve MacDonald said, “Investigators are talking to the property owner trying to see what kind of activity is going on in the building.”

Crews estimate that nearly $2.5 million in damages may have been done.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karyn Regal reports