BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren may be looking to prioritize a re-election campaign for her Senate seat next year, however talk of a 2020 presidential campaign is difficult to avoid.

As one of the most liberal Senators currently in Congress, Warren has attracted support nationwide. But the opinion of Massachusetts voters matters most.

Warren pointed out that her position on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee allows her to promote the state’s economy by sending defense spending to local military bases and research centers. It also allows her to work on a bi-partisan committee where she is able to promote “the kind of forward thinking work that we need to do.”

But in an interview, WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller pressured Warren to focus: Is presidential speculation affecting her? How?

“The politics of it — I don’t know, and I mean that, I really don’t know,” she responded.

Warren, if she chose to pursue a career on the national stage, would be following a similar trajectory of many other Massachusetts politicians, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, and Bill Weld to name a few.

Keller warns, though, local constituents can become fatigued once their representatives start to go big instead of returning home. He cited Mitt Romney’s approval rating — it dropped drastically once he began looking for a national position.

Watch Jon Keller’s full interview with Sen. Warren on Sunday morning at 8:30 on WBZ. 

Comments (4)
  1. West Bond says:

    Trump’s My President, You’re Not My Senator: C U Next Tuesday.

  2. Ed markey hasn’t  lived here since the 70s. Yet travel days ” to get home”.etc

    “promote the state’s economy by sending defense spending to local military bases”. That’s NOT A SENATOR’S JOB. It is to do what is best for the COUNTRY. That’s the problem with politicians.
    Did you see her last night on Charlie Rose ( or youtube now)?  She blames Trump for all the country’s woes. How do politicians (public SERVANTS) get so rich? Why don’t THEY earn the avg of the district/state they represent?

  3. I hope the Democrats run Warren for President! That’ll guarantee Trump another term. The New England and California liberals love Lizzie, but the rest of the country accurately sees her for what she is: a bitter angry, hypocritical, narcissist. They think she’s nuts.

  4. Finally, she admits she doesn’t know anything about politics! So who in their mind would vote her in as president? Dare I say Hillary would have a better shot at it, nothing like a comeback kid! I’m sure the speculation really has affected her John, every time she looks into the mirror…..Keep betting on those lame horses John while the rest of us line up at the payout counter….

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