DORCHESTER (CBS) — Aaron Hernandez was facing life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd when he took his own life in jail.

The attorney for Lloyd’s family says they are going forward with a wrongful death suit despite Hernandez’s own death.

“Odin Lloyd was a provider. He cared very much for his mother and the household and did many things to keep it going,” said wrongful death attorney Doug Sheff.

Odin Lloyd. (Family photo)

The family remained private inside their Dorchester home saying they had no comment on the day’s development.

Sheff says he does not believe the death of Hernandez will have any bearing on the civil suit as they pursue Aaron Hernandez assets including his home, his vehicle, and even money from his Patriots contract.

The death of the former player has re-opened old wounds, but Sheff says Lloyd’s mother Ursula Ward will not pass judgment.

“She had her conviction, Mr. Hernandez chose his fate. She believes Odin is looking down on her and whatever happened, happened for a reason.”

The families of South End murder victims Safiro Furtago and Daniel de Abreu are also moving forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against Hernandez.

Beth Germano

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  1. Aaron was wrongfully convicted. So this appeal was in process and nothing was finalized. This person and I’m sorry about her son, thinks that 6 million dollars is gonna make it all better. Aaron had a daughter and his money has nothing to do with her. She claims she’s doing it for all the murder victims, she’s so full of it, greedy lady. Not worried says her attorney, then why come out 2 days after Aaron’s untimely death asking the Patriots to give her Aaron’s money. You kidding me?? I hope she gets squat from his estate, that’s what she deserves. There was no proof lady he killed your son, note she isn’t going after the poor ones, only Aaron, just like the state.