BOSTON (CBS) — Former hockey stars Bobby Carpenter and Denna Laing crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon as a team.

For 26.2 miles, Carpenter pushed Laing, who was seriously injured while playing hockey in the 2016 Winter Classic, in a racing wheelchair.

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Together, they finished the race in 04:32:30.

“It went extremely well,” Carpenter said after the race.

Laing added, “My voice is gone because I said hello to everybody in the crowd. I felt like everybody was screaming my name. It was so awesome.”

Before the race, Carpenter told WBZ-TV, “I wanted to do something different rather than run it for myself.”

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Despite being in a wheelchair, Carpenter and Laing explained that she was going to be an important contribution to the team.

“I’ve tried to not talk to him for the past couple of days to keep a lot of conversation topics open,” Laing laughed. “I’ve also joked that I’ll sing him a song, so we’ll see how it goes.”

The duo discovered it was actually difficult to hear each other throughout the race because of all the cheering, though.

“It was hard to talk because it was so loud. We had to wait for it to die down and we just talked and read some signs,” recalled Carpenter. “She kept me loose, it was awesome.”

According to Laing, the team had been in the works since last June.

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The 2017 Boston Marathon was Carpenter’s second and Laing’s first.