Most of you say you like train travel. Go for it. Here is an encore post of a Coast Starlight to get you psyched to book a trip. After riding the Amtrak Coast Starlight south for about 32 hours, the train breaks out onto the fantastic cliff-lined southern California coast. The tracks come very close to land’s end and frequently the train pops out atop cliffs that remind me of Ireland’s west coast. It’s going pretty fast along this stretch too, so there is the double excitement of the speed and the height. This definitely something that words cannot express, so enjoy the video. This trip is one you could probably do and I hope you pull the trigger and go. Make sure to send me photos if you do. I’ll tell you more about it on the Jay Talking radio show, weekday mornings, midnight to five, on WBZ NewsRaadio 1030.

This video features an original soundtrack and narration.


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