BOSTON (CBS) – Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty of murder and several other charges related to the 2012 killing of two men in Boston’s South End. WBZ-TV’s Liam Martin spoke with Legal Analyst Jennifer Roman about the verdict.

Martin: You’re a former prosecutor. What went wrong here for the state?

Roman: The state’s problem was that they relied on Alexander Bradley who was a convicted drug dealer. He got a sweet deal from the prosecution and got immunity to testify. So whenever the prosecution is basing its case on one single person’s testimony which is what they did here and that person has some significant and serious credibility issues, the prosecution is gonna be in trouble.

Martin: And the jury in fact asked the judge a question. They said can we convict Hernandez based only on Alexander Bradley’s testimony or do we need some corroborating evidence? Judge Locke answered, he seemed to answer “you need some corroborating evidence.” Did he get that wrong in his instruction to the jury?

Roman: I think Judge Locke was really trying to be neutral in his instruction which is his job but he may have gone a little askew here…cause it did seem like the jury was asking for permission to rely on Alexander Bradley’s testimony to convict him and really what it comes down to is they don’t need corroborating evidence, they need to find beyond a reasonable doubt that there was sufficient evidence and they could have found beyond a reasonable doubt with sufficient evidence if they fully credited the testimony of Alexander Bradley.

Aaron Hernandez and Alexander Bradley. (WBZ-TV)

Martin: Based solely on Alexander Bradley they could have. I think the question everyone wants to know right now. Hernandez is in prison for life on the murder of Odin Lloyd. Will this acquittal affect his appeal in that case?

Roman: This acquittal will not affect his appeal in the Odin Lloyd case at all. It’ll have absolutely no bearing on that appeal process.

Martin: And is that because the Odin Lloyd case, during that trial, this 2012 homicide was not admitted as evidence in that case.

Roman: Absolutely.

Hernandez’s conviction in the Odin Lloyd case will be automatically reviewed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

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  1. I thought the whole first trial was based on Aaron killed Odin Loyd because he was trying to shut him up for taking about this second case. So now that he was found not guilty of killing these two men Aaron had no reason for killing Loyd…I wish the cases were tried in reverse order…Maybe if this case went first than the case for Loyd would of had a different outcome. I wish he would of had Biaz as a lawyer on the first case as well. The thing that I don’t agree with at all is the sentencing….Sentencing should be the same amount of set years by the crime for which you get found guilty of committing…No matter who you are or where your live…I watch alot of crime TV and just today I watched In the first 48 hours…and there were two separate shows where both men were found guilty of capital murder and one got sentenced to 3 yrs and the other got sentenced to 5 yrs…Now how in the heck is it fair that Aaron got sentenced to life without parole????I think that is just WRONG!!!!This country needs to set a standard set of years by the offense committed…PERIOD!!!!!

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