DANVERS (CBS) – The town of Danvers put the brakes on a family’s plan to let Adam Sandler film part of his next movie in their home.

Kelly and Frank Delany said Sandler’s production company approached them about using their home.

They were excited about the idea but the town bylaw led the town manager to shut down the idea.

The Delanys said it is a mistake not just for them but for Danvers. “This was going to be a financial bonanza for the town, and it’s just going to be pushed away to another town that’s happy to eat this up with a spoon,” Frank Delany said.

Danvers Town Manager Steve Bartha said there is not a special permit process in the zoning bylaw. “The Bylaw has been applied consistently in Danvers for more than three decades, including in 2009 when this same film company approached the Town and received the same guidance,” Bartha told WBZ-TV.

He says the only fix is to ask the Selectmen and Planning Board to to change the bylaw’s language and then have it approved by a Town Meeting.

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  1. Most people in town are in favor of this production taking place in Danvers. The Building Inspector, under Section 6.6 of the Danvers Zoning By-Law, has the authority to grant a special permit. We have been informed that he is willing to do so, however it is a 6 week process and Adam Sandler and his large production company has a schedule of approximately May 1- May 30. A schedule that cannot be adjusted based on actors, directors, producers schedules, such as David Spade.

    Adam Sandlers production company is still very much interested in keeping this in Danvers and there is still time to do so if necessary permits could be granted next week. Town Manager Steve Bartha has already stated that common sense language needs to be added to the bylaw. Since most town officials agree that this change is necessary and will ultimately be changed, why not hold a special meeting this coming week to grant the special permit to allow the great opportunity standing in front of the town to take place and not slip away.

    The Town Manager, Steve Bertha is costing the town of Danvers hundreds of thousands of dollars that its citizens and local businesses could benefit from with this filming and any future filming possibilities.

    Please share this post and help save the local landscapes, local contractors, painters, movers, drive way repair companies, caterers, OT police detail and many more people and businesses that could have benefited from this opportunity.

    Another important point to make to the town of Danvers people who care- this movie was to be 1 of the 8 movies that Happy Madison Productions signed with Netflix contract. This is a huge deal. If the production company doesn’t follow through with their deal with Netflix this effects their contract and they will never come back to Danvers because of what it has cost them. People in the film industry will no how much this has just cost the production company and Adam Sandler has weight in the film industry and if he says he’s not coming back to Danvers for any production (residential or commercial) Adam will be supported by his peers and follow his lead. This issue effects more than just the town of Danvers and the Town Manager is aware of that

  2. I can’t believe the town would say no to the revenue this would bring in. I say, quickly change your minds, this is an unbelievable opportunity for the community.

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