BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was subpoenaed to testify in the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial, but did not appear. Discussion in court shed some light on why.

Judge Jeffrey Locke said Thursday he got a letter from Belichick’s attorney asking if it was a problem that Belchick did not respond to the subpoena.

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Hernandez’s attorney Jose Baez told the judge Thursday that Belichick was subpoenaed late in the trial, but there were difficulties getting into his community to get him the summons.

Defense attorneys said they “let it go” when Belichick did not respond.

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“We didn’t think his testimony was critical,” said Baez.

Locke said he would reach out to Belichick’s attorney to let him know there would not be consequences for the coach not responding to the subpoena.

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Jurors are deliberating Thursday for the fifth day in the double murder trial.