BOSTON (CBS) — If you needed any more confirmation of how Bill Belichick feels about DeflateGate, you just got your answer.

The Patriots head coach played a game of word association in a new interview with CNBC’s Suzy Welch, and the interviewer threw some seriously sensitive topics his way. You can hear highlights from his interview in the above video.

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DeflateGate and Aaron Hernandez were among the topics addressed, and Belichick was not shy about answering. Here are his responses, via Pro Football Talk:

Welch: Football.

Belichick: More sport than business. But it is a business. That I respect the game for the game and the sport.

Welch: The media.

Belichick: It is how a team connects to its fans.

Welch: Winning.

Belichick: The goal. There’s no medals for trying. This isn’t like eighth grade where everybody gets a trophy. We are in a professional sport and it is competitive to win. That’s what we do.

Welch: Deflategate.

Belichick: Ridiculous.

Welch: Aaron Hernandez.

Belichick: Tragedy.

Welch: Heartbreaking.

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Belichick: Yes. That would be another word.

Welch: Next year.

Belichick: Is this year.

Welch: Perfect day.

Belichick: Nantucket.

Welch: Last one. Legacy.

Belichick: For another day.

Welch: Don’t think about it?

Belichick: No. Right now, 2017. Trying to have a good team this year. There will be another day to talk about it.

Welch: Just another day at the office for you?

Belichick: No. I mean, look, I’m aware of it, but I can’t sit and think about it. Look, this year is going to be part of it. So, try to have a good year this year and you know, we will figure out the rest of it later.

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Belichick made it pretty clear how he felt about DeflateGate with his “Mona Lisa Vito” press conference, but his response in this word association game pretty much sums up the whole fiasco.