By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – The colorful food trucks rolled into the Boston’s Inspectional Services lot this afternoon as inspectors checked The Chicken and Rice Guys vehicles for upkeep and cleanliness after an E. coli outbreak was linked to their business.

There are at least seven cases, some linked to the food trucks and at least one case traced to their restaurant in Allston which is now temporarily closed. On Facebook Tuesday night they said they “decided to voluntarily shutdown affected operations” after the illnesses.

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“Chicken and Rice Guys have a great reputation,” said Jennifer Brook buying lunch from food trucks outside South Station in Boston.

The lines were stacking up and customers say they’ll keep an open mind while the city tries to determine the source of the outbreak. All employees are being tested for E. coli and inspectors are also checking all food suppliers for the business.

At the Sheherazad food truck Michael Velasquez says vendors have to be on their toes.

“The city is very strict on all food trucks and maintain a strict health code,” he says.

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The city says an inspection yesterday of The Chicken and Rice Guys Allston restaurant uncovered some minor issues like improper food labeling and improper cooling methods for food. They were also cited for not wearing the proper hair restraints, and maintaining walls and ceilings.

William Christopher with Boston’s Inspectional Services says they have a rigorous program for all food trucks that are a growing business in the city.

“They have to be annually inspected by the city and then we do sporadic visits in the field,” Christopher said.

At the Monstah Cookie food truck, owner Scott Lindeman says he’d welcome even more inspections as a safety measure.

“Get them out there. It’s good for the people who work for me to know they have to be on the ball,” he says.

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A spokesman for The Chicken and Rice Guys says they are working with the city on all issues and hope to be back in business by next week.

Beth Germano