BOSTON (CBS) — For those who don’t run the 26.2 miles on Marathon Monday, there’s a good chance an adult beverage or two are consumed.

That doesn’t mean the runners can’t partake. Less than a mile from the start line in Hopkinton, runners are hydrating at a new craft brewery, whose name is a tribute to the marathon.

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“The start line is very special to this community. We’re just happy to be a part of that,” said Ted Twinney, owner of Start Line Brewery on Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton.

The small brewery pours Marathon-themed brews like Marathon Wheat Ale, Home Stretch (a dark chocolate stout) and Night Run Black IPA, among many other delicious selections. Their logo is a tortoise getting ready to, you guessed it, cross the start line. They love connecting with the running community, with many runners hitting the brewery for a little post-run beverage.

Wherever you look, there is a growing vision for Start Line Brewery.

“The happiest moment in the buildup to opening was when we were picking hops,” said Twinney.

Those hops grow indoors, just a short jog from the lettuce at neighboring Water Fresh Farm. Hops give beer — including Start Line’s Hopland IPA — its distinct flavor.

“It’s a fruity juice bomb,” said Start Line customer and home brewer Chris Miller. “I’m inspired by watching Ted.”

As far as Twinney knows, Start Line is the only US brewery growing their hops hydroponically. Each plant has its own water source, using less water, less energy and no pesticide. Those hops then end up in tanks which carry names like “Rolling Stones,” “Dave Matthews Band” and “Bob Marley.” Or as head brewer Ty-Jaun Greene says, tanks that sound more like a playlist.

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Now that they’ve been open for five months, Greene says Start Line is off and running at a blistering pace.

“It’s a small tight-knit crew and people seem to like the beer, so it’s going well,” said Greene.

Once shortly after they opened, things were going a little too well. They soon learned this brew game is a marathon, and not a sprint.

“We did run out of beer,” admitted Twinney. “Unexpectedly, we had lines out the door near the holidays. We were down to just one beer left and we closed the doors for a couple of weeks to brew and catch up.”

Twinney says that will not happen again. They’re now pacing themselves, even as the “field” of thirsty customers is growing.

“We’re very proud of Starting Line here in this area,” said customer Gina Golden. “It makes me love it even more.”

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Unfortunately for race goers, and maybe even runners looking to grab a quick swig before their 26.2 mile trek, Start Line will be closed on Marathon Monday. They’ll instead be at the finish line, serving their beers to members of Spaulding Rehab Hospital’s “Race For Rehab” team as a way of saying thanks.