BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Athletic Association has apologized after being criticized for not accommodating the needs of a handcyclist group, made up of wounded veterans and Boston Marathon bombing survivors.

The BAA apologized and made a promise of change to the group.

Achilles Team Freedom the handcyclist group, felt they were being mistreated at the race. The handcyclists had two complaints with race organizers.

The team felt the BAA was not as accommodating to their needs as the organizers of other races were. They also said there were not enough slots for them to participate.

The handcyclists and the BAA have been talking for a while. However, public pressure began last week after Patrick Downes, a bombing survivor and handcyclist, wrote an op-ed for the Boston Globe.

Tom Grilk, the CEO of the BAA, sent a message to handcyclists apologizing for any disrespect.

He wrote, “This is a situation that I regret and for which I apologize. Changes are underway… To any person I have offended I extend my sincere apology.”

Grilk did not mention specifics about the changes that he said are coming.