BOSTON (CBS) – Boston City Councilor and candidate for mayor Tito Jackson is apologizing for getting physical with a local news reporter during an interview.

WGBH says one of its reporters was questioning Jackson Tuesday about his former work as a pharmaceutical sales representative when he grabbed her arm and shoved her microphone aside.

The station sent a letter of complaint to Jackson saying it is unacceptable to engage physically with a member of the press.

Jackson initially maintained he had only guided the reporter’s microphone away.

He released this statement Wednesday:

“I’m sorry. I never want anyone to feel that way. I apologize. I really respect the long-term relationship with the station and I should have picked up the phone and apologized from the get-go.”

WGBH says Jackson called the reporter and apologized.

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  1. Democrats seem to have a proclivity towards violence lately…

    1. Bob Babineau says:

      Democrats are really no better than animals

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