By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – It was the height of rush hour on the orange line Tuesday afternoon. That’s when Transit Police saw two young men with backpacks and cellphones jump from the Chinatown platform and run into the tunnel toward Tufts Medical Center MBTA stop.

“Their act was incredibly dangerous. It could have proved deadly for them,” said Transit Police Superintendent Richard Sullivan.

Police say the trespassers were 19-year-old Morgan Johnson of Quincy and 20-year-old Peter Nakhili of Stoughton, and they believe they’ve done this before.

Transit Police are investigating a video posted last month on YouTube to determine whether it’s the same two people jogging through subway tunnels and dodging trains, all set to intensifying music.

“I don’t know how people could be that stupid to risk their lives for a cheap thrill like that,” said one MBTA rider.

Morgan Johnson and Peter Nakhili. (Image Credit: Transit Police)

The MBTA had to shut down the trains on the line for nearly 30 minutes while they searched for the pair, finding them in a niche, or cutout in the wall and arresting them.

The duo could have encountered something else besides an oncoming train.

“There’s a 600 volt line that passes through there. It is not meant for anyone to be passing through there,” said Sullivan.

If the pair was hoping to post another thrill video they were stopped in their tracks.

“Teenagers are teenagers and do things like that, but there’s a limit to it. You don’t want to put yourself and your friends in that kind of danger,” said Orange Line rider Channal McCain.

Nakhili and Johnson were released on their own recognizance and will next appear in court on July 11.

Beth Germano

  1. not to mention how many other people were inconvenienced on their commute home…

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