QUINCY (CBS) – An employee of a Quincy jewelry store was ordered to pay up by a jury after posting a fake Yelp review on a competitor’s page.

“No one should have to go through this, not children, adults, elderly,” said Stephen Blumberg, owner of Stephen Leigh Jewelers.

Blumberg sued Adam Jacobs, an employee at nearby Tooties Fine Jewelry in Quincy, claiming he posted false information on the business review website in August of 2013 bashing his store and telling people to “go elsewhere.”

“He told the people we were thieves, that we were cold blooded thieves. I’ve never been convicted of anything in my life,” said Blumberg.

Stephen Blumberg, owner of Stephen Leigh Jewelers. (WBZ-TV)

Last month, a jury agreed with Blumberg that the Yelp post caused “emotional distress” and ordered Jacobs to pay him $34,500.

Blumberg said the post was up for several month and he was able to track down Jacobs by looking at his other Yelp posts.

“I talked to owners of businesses he had been to, and after getting confirmation of three or four people that that is the person that belongs to Adam J., Adam Jacobs I knew,” said Blumberg.


Jacobs wasn’t at Tooties on Wednesday.

The store’s owner, who is also his father, wouldn’t go on camera, but said he is glad the jury didn’t find his jewelry store responsible of any wrongdoing.

“We are disappointed and disagee with the decision involving Adam. Regardless of the verdict, however, we believe that the damages awarded were not based on any facts, but were entirely speculative,” his lawyer Allan Levin said.

Levin said they may be filing post trial motions and possibly appealing the jury’s decision.

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  1. Even after his son is found guilty and clearly hurt this other business, the father is still full of it. I live in Quincy and a former Toodie’s customer who will spread the word to never go to Toodie’s again. Shame on them.

  2. Tooties….your press is bad right now.PAY THE PENALTY NOW.and hope people forget. dragging it through another court on appeal WILL ONLY KEEP YOUR BAD PRESS ALIVE LONGER……That would be bad for your store for an extended period of time……