ROXBURY (CBS) – Two days after the shooting of a six-year-old boy in Roxbury, his mother called Mayor Marty Walsh a liar during a newspaper interview.

Walsh joined Police Commissioner William Evans outside of the Boston Medical Center Sunday night, immediately after the shooting.

“From what we understand and what the father said he believes he was the target,” said Evans.

Evidence markers on Copeland Street after a 6-year-old boy was shot April 2. (WBZ-TV)

The child’s mother, who wants her identity hidden, spoke with the Boston Herald.

“We were innocent bystanders. He did not say that. He didn’t speak to him at all,” she told the newspaper.

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Mayor Marty Walsh responded to the mother’s remarks today.

“She’s having a very difficult, obviously her son was hurt. She’s emotional,” said Walsh.

Rufus Faulk, a childhood friend of the injured child’s father, offered his support for the family.

Rufus Faulk. (WBZ-TV)

Faulk said he heard the boy’s mother speak. He does not believe the boy’s father was the target.

“I heard what mom said. They have my full support. He’s a great father, he’s a guy who works hard every day, a guy who tries to provide for his family and I don’t think that’s the case,” said Faulk.

Faulk said determining the intended target is not what is most important.

“My main concern has been the health of the son, the health of the family and I just think right now it’s really not the time to talk about the target or anything like that,” said Faulk. “It’s really time to focus on the victim and make sure the folks who perpetrated this crime are being brought to justice.”

There have not yet been an arrests.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Boston Police.


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