WELLESLEY (CBS) – A  dog owner is jubilant this afternoon after his dog was rescued from the Charles River by a construction worker.

The dog owner let his dog loose during a walk, and the dog ran onto the thin ice and fell through. He went after his dog and also fell through the ice.

After pulling himself out of the water, the owner couldn’t rescue his dog and that’s when he started to yell for help.

wellesley dog 2 Dog That Fell Through Thin Ice Rescued And Reunited With Owner

Wellesley Police put the rescued dog into a police cruiser. (Courtesy of Wellesley Police)

A Barletta Construction employee on the Wellesley side of the river heard the cries for help and ran to the rescue.

A Wellesley Police Officer said the worker pulled the dog to safety.

The dog owner has been taken to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for observation where he is expected to be released sometime today.


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