HARWICH (CBS) – An 11-year-old girl was ticketed for trespassing after cutting through her neighbors’ yards to get to the school bus.

The homeowners say they asked Autumn Blanchard not to cut through their property multiple times, but she kept doing it.

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“I wasn’t doing anything,” Autumn said. “I didn’t do anything to their lawn, I didn’t burn anything on their lawn. I did not destroy any gardens.”

Autumn and Krystal Blanchard (WBZ-TV)

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The neighbors say their yards are not safe because of downed trees and they have been sued before. One homeowner says a young boy fell on their property and broke his leg.

Autumn’s mother Krystal says sending them an official trespassing warning was not the right way to handle it.

“No one has spoken to me or Autumn personally, it’s just been to the media,” Krystal said. “No one has given me a call yet as of this moment to say ‘I’m sorry’ like a person would to another person they’ve offended.”

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The Harwich Police say they should have contacted the girl’s mother before issuing the order.