BOSTON (AP) — Over 100 cancer patients, survivors and their families from across Massachusetts are planning to gather at the Statehouse to press lawmakers to support efforts to protect young people from nicotine addiction.

At the top of the agenda is a bill that would increase the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.

The legislation would also include e-cigarettes in the smoke-free workplace law and ban the sale of tobacco products in facilities that provide health care, such as pharmacies.

About 95 percent of adults who smoke started by age 21.

Wednesday’s visit to Beacon Hill is part of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s annual lobby day.

This year, an estimated 37,000 Massachusetts residents will be diagnosed with cancer. An estimated 12,600 will die from the disease.

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  1. Didn’t you guys just run a study that said that 2/3 of cancers are just bad luck, come on. If you polled most smokers, they’re good with the odds. It’s the non smokers who are all worried about longevity in life being random, ever been in a war zone? Rumor is a coward dies a thousand deaths…

  2. 19 year olds are not mature enough to make the huge decision to smoke, but they mature enough to buy a sniper rifle.

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