BOSTON (CBS) – President Trump says he wants a vote on the GOP health care bill in the U.S. House of Representatives Friday.

As of now, there isn’t a single Democrat in the House saying they’ll support the measure.

Keller @ Large: Why House GOP Obamacare Replacement Bill Is Failing

For Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch opposition to it goes beyond the deep cuts it makes in Medicaid and Medicare.

“It also doesn’t allow veterans to use the tax credits, the refundable tax credits in this bill if they use the VA health care system, so I have all my veterans against it,” Lynch told WBZ-TV Friday.

“It takes all the opioid money that we’re using, we’ve got a major crisis going on in this country, especially in Massachusetts, it depletes a lot of the opioid money as well.  And to top it all off Jon, the bill’s not even in print, and they want us to vote on it today.”


Lynch says he’s struck by how short the Republican plan is on policy details after seven years of staunch GOP opposition to Obamacare.

Their talk of having a better idea, he says was “just bluster.”

You can watch the entire interview with Rep. Lynch this Sunday, March 26 at 8:30 a.m. on WBZ-TV News.

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  1. Alan B Flood says:

    Rep Lynch, where were you 7 years ago when Nancy Pelosi said vote on it now and we can read the bill later – where were you when Obama said we could keep the doctors and health plans we had – Guess maybe you should have read what you voted for under Pelosi’s instructions to the democrat controlled house. Tell you what Mr Lynch, when you sponsor a bill for all reps, senators and other big twigs in Washington and around the country to have to have the same insurance us plebes have to have then I will know you really care about your constitutents. And Did you poll every single veteran in your district before you said ” so I have all my veterans against it” – if not then you are also “blustering” . Dan Rea says he thinks you are okay – What I see is just another politician who is concerned about the power his party wields. not about the people who voted him into office = power begets power!!!!

    1. Steve Stein says:

      Alan, be honest and give the context for the Pelosi quote. She was talking about the Senate bill that hadn’t been finalized, so she was telling the truth.

      1. Yes, it was true Steve; Pelosi was telling the truth.

        But when the Senate got finished with. Obamacare, it was passed by the House on a party-line vote with no one ever seeing what was kind it.

        And, Obamacare is teetering on disaster today.

        One thing that Trump has said about the bill is true. If they don’t pass this bill Obamacare is here to stay…

        Until it collapses in financial ruin.

      2. Steve Stein says:

        YOUR record for mendacity is well-established, Owl.

      3. So, Steve, how’s the financial security of Obamacare doing these days?

        I have to agree that the conservatives and Trump flopped in this political test, but then again the liberals and liberal a liberal president are responsible for the fact that they are still lacking the power to accomplish much more than taking down that to which they have an objection.

        So, where’s this great positive…And achievable…plan that will get people to vote for you again in places other than the failing..or is that flaling…areas that you have dictated over for more than half a century?

  2. Steve Stein says:

    It’s not surprising Republicans’ repeal and replace is failing. It took the Democrats over a year to hammer out Obamacare. Republicans had the chance to offer over 100 amendments. There were over 100 public meetings during the process. As Trump has observed, healthcare is hard.

    If Obamacare was so unpopular, it would be a snap for Republicans to pass the same repeal bill Obama vetoed last year. Why don’t they do that? Easy – Obamacare is NOT unpopular.

    If Republicans want to replace Obamacare with something substantive, it’ll take time. If what they come up with is really better (or at least close to as good), it’ll be time well spent.

  3. I’m utterly disappointed with the insanely conservative wing of the GOP who not only let this slide through everyone’s fingers at the bitter end, but cost the American taxpayers 150 billion dollars and any relief from this debacle. Obamacare was several thousand pages deep and nobody that voted for it read it through, shame on those 20 or so dimwits and what they’ve done to our country. They are not more important than 350 million other people.