By Jim Smith

SANDWICH (CBS) — Poor old Cape Cod got battered again on Sunday.

March has certainly been a cruel month along the coast and the onslaught continued, wind and waves battering an already weary shoreline, taking away even more sand. Erosion on the march.

“Boy, oh boy, if you saw this beach 20 years ago, it’s gone. It’s gone and the weather is wacky!,” a woman told WBZ.

Ocean waves churned up by Sunday’s storm on Cape Cod. (WBZ-TV)

Wacky is a good word for it.

The biggest issue down on the Cape was the wind, although wet roads may be a factor in an accident in Yarmouth that took down a utility pole and blocked Route 6A.

The outer Cape also got some snow earlier in the day. It’s past mid-March and no sign of spring.

“Personally, I think its global warming but that’s just my opinion. So climate change, change in the weather patterns,” another woman said.

The fishing boats were for the most part safely in port, although you could barely see one boat in the distance, still coming in from the ocean.

All of this may seem strange, but long time Cape Codders know March can be difficult.

“This is what happens, this is exactly what happens,” a woman said.

“It’s amazing to see the force of nature and to see how beautiful the colors and the waters are,” a man said.

Jim Smith