BOSTON (CBS) — Right now, Volkswagen is in the process of buying back or repairing hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles the company admits were pumping illegal levels of pollution into the air.

But some car owners are finding it hard to collect on the settlement. That’s when one driver reached out to the I-Team’s Call 4 Action.

Christine Twining was stunned when she found out she was driving around in a diesel-fueled car rigged to cheat emissions standards.

Christine Twining is pictured in her vehicle. (WBZ-TV)

“We felt betrayed and kind of helpless,” Christine told us.

After a year of waiting for answers, this past October a judge approved a $14 billion settlement that included a plan for Christine to sell her diesel engine back to Volkswagen at a pre-scandal price.

“I followed it daily until I could find out when the buyback transactions could start,” Twining said.

On October 6th, Christine began the buyback process. But month after month passed and there was still no final sale.

Christine told us VW had her restart the process two more times. And that’s when she called the I-Team’s Call 4 Action.

“You had contacted VW and two hours later they called and booked my appointment,” Christine said.

Volkswagen told us this program is “unprecedented” in terms of size and scope and they’ve hired 1,300 employees to help with the demand.

They also say, “We know that there have been some issues along the way and our teams have been working tirelessly to make necessary adjustments and continually improve the process.”

But it’s no longer an issue for Christine who has now sold back her Jetta to VW, “and it’s finally going to be in the past.”

VW owners with these cars have until September of 2018 to decide if they want to repair their car or pursue a buyback. Volkswagen has set up an official website to handle claims.

More than 12,500 vehicles registered in Massachusetts stand to benefit from the settlements. The Massachusetts Attorney General also has resources for VW owners on its website.

If you need help with a consumer issue call the I-Team’s Call 4 Action at 617-787-7070. Or send us an email at

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