MILFORD, N.H. (CBS) – No injuries were reported when the inflatable roof of a large New Hampshire indoor athletic complex collapsed.

The collapse was reported around 12 p.m. Wednesday at the Hampshire Dome in Milford, one of the largest indoor sports facilities in New England.

Owners of the Hampshire Dome said in a statement that the roof depressurized under the weight of snow and ice from Tuesday’s storm.

The business was closed at the time of the collapse, though four people were inside exercising. Two people were also on the roof at the time removing snow.

All six people escaped injury.

An aerial image shows damage following a roof collapse at the Hampshire Dome. (Image Credit: David Vogt Digital Media)

As a result of the collapse, the roof’s fabric tore and will need a full repair or replacement.

Aerial footage from the collapse shows the roof tore near the back of the facility.

“Our team is working hard to facilitate the earliest resumption of activities there. The Dome operation will be closed for now and we will announce the expected reopening date as soon as damage assessments are completed,” the owners said in a statement.

“We extend our gratitude to those who have already reached out with offers to help clear the snow away and we are making progress already.”

  1. An obvious predictable collapse waiting to happen Visited a number of times to watch my grandson play soccer. Looked up at the inflatable roof and concluded one heavy wet snowstorm and this roof will collapse. Live free NH!

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