By Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) – Trusting the mirror at the makeup counter just got a little more reliable with a new high-tech “magic” mirror. And it looks like a regular mirror or a giant iPad.

That magic comes with new technology from Memomi and its now at Neiman Marcus at Copley Place.

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“You’re probably already going to YouTube and looking at how to apply makeup but you don’t have you in that picture,” explained Memomi’s David Rose.

This new memory mirror puts you front and center.

The Memomi memory mirror at Neiman Marcus at Copley Place. (WBZ-TV)

The entire makeover is recorded and the stylist can add the details on each and every product used.

The mirror has memory, adjustable lighting, and more.

Options for the Memomi memory mirror. (WBZ-TV)

“It fools you into thinking that it looks exactly like a mirror, that you’re looking directly into the lens,” Rose told WBZ-TV.

But the camera is actually sitting on top of the screen, similar to a smartphone or tablet.

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Once the makeover is complete, a video of the entire session is sent right to your phone ready to share with your friends or on social media.

“You want to send photos, send a little video to friends and have them give you support and encouragement,” explained Rose.

A video of the entire session is sent right to your phone. (WBZ-TV)

“Having this mirror enhances their experience and their comfort level with the product and their purchase,” said Emmanuelle Accad of Neiman Marcus.

The new mirrors aren’t just showing up at the makeup counter.

Look for full-length mirrors that will allow shoppers to have side-by-side videos comparing two potential outfits.

The Memomi memory mirror. (Image credit: Memomi)

“You want to see how you look from all perspectives. You want a spin around experience,” explained Rose.

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Memomi told WBZ-TV they are working with new brands and stores and they hope shoppers will be able to find the mirror in even more places over the next couple of months.

Kate Merrill