BOSTON (CBS) — Like the rest of us preparing for the blizzard that is about to hit New England, the Celtics aren’t very happy.

It’s March, which usually means spring is not far away. But not this week, with a foot or two of snow about to fall in New England. While most Bostonians are used to the late-season snowflakes that are about to fall, some members of the Celtics are not.

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“This is ridiculous,” said rookie Jaylen Brown, a Georgia native who played his college ball in California. “I’ve definitely never seen anything like it. I’m not too happy about it, but you just have to kind of deal with it.”

And how is the rookie dealing with it?

“Just get a bigger coat,” he said.

Marcus Smart is in his third season with the Celtics, but the Texas native still isn’t used to this weather.

“This is weird for me. I’m not a big cold person, so I’m adjusting to it,” he said after Monday’s practice.

That adjustment includes a post-practice trip to the grocery store, so Smart doesn’t have to leave the house on Tuesday. But he may soon learn that he would have been better off making that trip to the store after Sunday’s blowout win over the Chicago Bulls (or given how the Bulls played on Sunday, maybe even during halftime).

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Brad Stevens said he isn’t a fan of March snowstorms, and moved practice up a day so players wouldn’t have to brave the storm to hit the floor on Tuesday.

“It’s not an ideal scenario, but that’s OK. We’ll take advantage of getting some rest tomorrow,” he said.

Then there’s Isaiah Thomas, who growing up in Washington state knows a thing or two about the snow. But that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

“I hate this weather, period. It’s horrible. It makes me mad when I wake up to it,” Thomas said, shaking his head. “It hurts my body.”

Thomas has already done his shopping, and he doesn’t plan on leaving the house on Tuesday.

“I have a gym in my apartment, so I can shoot if I want to,” he said. “I’m staying home; I’m not stepping foot in that snow.”

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The Celtics will next hit the court on Wednesday night when they host the Minnesota Timberwolves at the TD Garden. That is, as long as they’ve all shoveled out by then.