NEWBURYPORT (CBS) — It’s a little Italian, a little bit Asian, with plenty of all-American favorites too–and whatever you’re in the mood for, the food is always on point at The Poynt.

“We try to take the menu seriously, but we’re also whimsical,” says Executive Chef Peter Hansen. “So, we want it to be an everyday place, not an every once in a while or once a month place, that’s really what we’re going for.”

phantom41 Phantom Gourmet: The Poynt In Newburyport

Pizza at The Poynt. (WBZ-TV)

Located along the water in downtown Newburyport, The Poynt opened a couple years ago, and quickly became the hometown favorite owners Laura and John Wolfe want it to be.

“We wanted to be kind of a fun casual place with really high standards, great food, and great design,” said John.

phantom21 Phantom Gourmet: The Poynt In Newburyport

An oyster at The Poynt. (WBZ-TV)

To handle the food, they brought in Hansen, who’s worked in some of the country’s best kitchens–and for the design, they were inspired by the building’s rich history as a hardware store and, more recently, a clothing store.

“So the booths and the bar are men’s suit fabrics, the floor is a Chevron style, again from men’s fabrics, and then a lot of the finishes, you’ll see lots of nuts and bolts and you’ll see pipe fittings,” says Laura. “We really kind of wanted to pay tribute to the fact that the building was a hardware store before it was even anything else.”

phantom11 Phantom Gourmet: The Poynt In Newburyport

Lobster over noodles from The Poynt. (WBZ-TV)

But now nuts and bolts have been replaced by pot and pans, and sport coats have made way for chef coats, all of which are on full display inside restaurant’s large open kitchen.

“It’s dinner and a show,” Laura says. “And it is fun, and it does add a different vitality to the restaurant.”

phantom31 Phantom Gourmet: The Poynt In Newburyport

A burger from The Poynt. (WBZ-TV)

“You’re a part of the party, you’re a part of what’s going on, and you’re not behind a closed door,” says Hansen. “I mean, you can’t beat it.”

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