BOSTON (CBS) — What was supposed to be a puff piece for David Price in The Boston Globe turned into a very public admission that when it comes to playing in Boston, the $217 million man has some issues.

On Wednesday’s Felger & Massarotti program, Jim Murray explored some of the more revealing moments from the Q&A between the Globe’s Stan Grossfeld and Price. Murray found the interview to be quite problematic.

“David Price is a masochist. I’ve spent time on a shrink’s couch; I know these meanings. I know what these words are. I’m not even joking,” Murray said. “It’s a person who’s gratified by pain or degradation that’s self-imposed or imposed by others. That’s a masochist. That’s David Price. He’s a smart, thoughtful guy. He comes across like that in most interviews. But the neediness, the public floggings that he gives himself after bad performances, saying what he said in this interview to softball questions, when you know he knows better than to just shut up and not say anything. In some sick way, I think he enjoys being beat up by people on Twitter, and on sports radio, or he wants to be some kind of martyr.”

Murray pointed out how it’s self-evident that sports fans care, above all else, how an athlete performs on the field.

Tony Massarotti asked a pointed question: “What crap did he go through last year?”

“Twitter. Twitter and sports radio. That’s what he’s talking about,” Murray said. “He has rabbit ears.”

Michael Felger pointed out the obvious: “The only place he would get ‘crap’ is Twitter. Because you get crapped on no matter what you do on Twitter. So this is just about his Twitter feed! This is just about his Twitter feed, and to some extent sports radio, but I don’t know if he listens as much as he does his Twitter. The guy is obsessed with Twitter. Dude, you child, get off the internet! I don’t know how many times I have to say this to people. Get off the internet. Get off Twitter, David. Turn your phone off.”

Price has said that he talks to sports psychologists, but Murray suggested the issues may run deeper than sports.

“He needs help. I’m not even kidding, he should talk to a therapist to work some of these things out, because there are deep issues there with this guy,” Murray said.

Listen to it all below:

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